My life as an intern in South Padre Island, TX

Internet at last! 4 days into my internship at Sea Turtle, Inc and I can tell this is going to be an epic summer. I showed up for work last Monday and started learning the ropes that morning, cleaning tanks and helping out with the gift store. The first intern, Erin, arrived to Padre that morning and stuck around to help with force feeding some of the turtles in ICU, and we helped the Vet Tech, Brian, remove some mold that had been growing in the head cavity of one of our more injured greens (see pics). In the last few days, the rest of the interns have arrived and gotten settled. We began work on the corral, where our hatchery will be, with some of our alternative spring-breakers. Apart from that, the work thus far has been a bunch of random tasks, for me that mostly includes cleaning turtle poo out of Merry Christmas’ (one of our larger green turtles) tank. She has a fiber processing problem, which means pretty regularly she ends up spewing a bunch of nasty everywhere. We have a meeting tomorrow at the Padre Convention Center that will explain how beach patrols will work, and starting next week is ATV training :D For now, there is nothing but anticipation for the coming months, and I am pretty thrilled that the interns are already bonding so well together. I’ll have posts coming more regularly in the coming week! 


-The Guero from Tortuguero 


final countdown + Cuba's sea turtles (click for article)

8 days left until the move to Padre, and I am getting restless! My future roomie (Dylan) has already left California, and is working his way through the National Park System on his way down to South Texas. I’m jealous; my Spring Break is really just looking like a final week of being idle. I started the slow process of getting ready for the trip today, getting some chores out of the way and clearing out all the sand out of my car from the last year…it seemed almost pointless when I considered that I’m about to be living on the beach for the next 5 months but it felt good to be doing something. I even managed to go jogging and eat 3 square meals today, not bad!

I am apprehensive about the upcoming weeks - last year’s adjustment period took longer than I was comfortable with and there are so many new responsibilities this year, I just hope things click quicker this time around. According to some old coworkers (shoutout to Jordan @ CROW) Tortuguero’s training program has prepped me for any turtle work I might find but with a new species, a new beach and a new protocol, I know there will be some kinks to work out. Still, at the end of the day, I am super excited. For the next 5 months, I’ll be posted up on the beach and when all is said and done I may very well have some research under my belt (trying not to count my turtles here). And good news, next year’s Sea Turtle Symposium is in New Orleans!…can’t beat that, really.

The article above was a pretty interesting read; I’m getting more and more fascinated by how government and history come into play in wildlife conservation. There may be something to explore here in the future if I can’t really kick butt in the biological research department.

That’s all for now, I’ll update again soon!